At an early age, Amos' father taught him the art of photography, creating a make-shift darkroom in the family home. Shortly thereafter, Amos began taking photos for his school newspaper. Later on, in the digital age, Amos began to experiment with light and found beauty in both the blurred image and the dynamic nature of architecture within the ever-changing city.

Amos' good friend was a NYC DJ. On ocassion, he would go out with him and take photos and videos. This turned into a nightlife diary and the basis for his visual poetry project called Night of the DJ.

Amos also finds watercolors intriguing, combining the two mediums by digitally manipulating photos.

Post Office 2003  59th & 5th 2004 Midtown 2003

Excerpt from Night of the DJ poem

Nia in Rincon 2008 Aguada Church 2008 Aguada City Hall 2008